Explore Lumin's new editor interface (BETA)

Introducing a new refreshed look for Lumin!

NOTE: This updated and refreshed interface is currently only available to 1% of Lumin's customer base. Let us know if you'd like to be part of the trial.

The refreshed interface aims to help users effortlessly navigate the editor by categorizing our tools, resulting in a more seamless editing experience. We've updated the following:

Information section (top)

This section provides users with access to essential features such as the document name, editing history, document settings, sharing options, support requests, notifications, and profile settings.

Main menu bar (left)


Popular - where users can find commonly used tools such as the highlighter, free text, draw, shape, signature, and comment tools.


Annotate - where users can find all of the tools they need to annotate their documents.


Fill & Sign - where the signature, form builder, and text tools live.


Edit PDF - the most popular feature, and this is where users can find all the tools they need to edit the text on their PDFs.


Redact - used to selectively hide or protect sensitive or confidential information within a document or file.


Page Tools - where users can access tools for manipulating pages, including merging, splitting, extracting, moving, and more.





Ribbon toolbar (middle)

The toolbar at the top of the interface is dynamic and responsive. The tools displayed on the right side adapt based on the category selected by the user from the main menu bar.

On the left side, users can access static tools that are essential for navigating within the editor smoothly.

This ensures that users have easy access to the specific tools they need for their editing tasks.

Document toolbar (right)



Search - allows users to search for specific keywords within the document.

Comments History - where users can find all of the comments made by all users within the document. 

Download - used to save the file to the user's desktop.

Print - used to print the document. 

Link - used to quickly copy the link of the document to the user's clipboard. 



If you have had the opportunity to experience this new design, we would greatly appreciate your feedback. Please share your thoughts by filling out this feedback form. Thank you for helping us improve your editing experience!