How do I create a signature in Bananasign?

One of the main features Bananasign has is e-signing contracts; read on to find out how you can easily create signatures.

  1. Select Add Signatures.
  2. Click + Add Signatures to create a new signature.
  3. Create a new signature. Once done, click Sign.
    1. You can draw, upload an image, or type a new signature.

    2. You can also tick the One-Time signature feature if you don't wish to save your signature. 

  4. Click the document to place your signature/s. To be able to select the signature, click Done.
    1. You can add the signature multiple times, as long as you don’t click Done.

    2. You can click on the document as many times as you wish to keep placing the signature on multiple pages.

    3. You can also add multiple different signatures in one document, just click More Signatures to create/select another signature.

    4. Adjust the size of the signature by selecting it and moving the vector points.

    5. Delete the signature by clicking on it and pressing the Trash icon.

  5. After placing the signature/s, click Finish.