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How do I draw on a document?

Draw on a document with the easy-to-use draw tool.

  1. Select the Draw option on the toolbar.

  2. Click the Choose Style icon to select the drawing line style.

  3. Drag the cursor on the PDF to draw as required.
  4. To edit your drawing. Select it. It becomes highlighted, and a toolbar and a rotation tool appear.

  • Drag the rotation tool to rotate your shape.
  • Select the toolbar option you require to comment on, style or delete the shape.
  • Note: you can drag and drop the shape to other areas of your PDF.

Note: you can easily view and comment on all drawings added to a document by opening the Panel and selecting the Notes section.


  • Click inside a drawing in the Panel to add a reply note to the drawing.
  • Click inside a drawing in the Panel, then click the three dots that appear on the right to Edit (add comment) or Delete it.  (Deleting it in the panel will also delete it from the document.)

Tip: You can select the Draw tool using keyboard shortcut

Freehand draw Screen Shot 2021-07-13 at 4.59.40 PM