How do I open a file in Lumin?

Open files in Lumin with ease by uploading new, selecting from existing uploads, or opening directly from Google Drive.

Opening an existing upload within Lumin


  1. Login to your Lumin account
  2. From the Documents page, select the destination of your document. For example, ‘Organization’ if it’s among your company’s documents.


  1. Click on the document to open it in the editor



Uploading a new file into Lumin


  1. Click Upload from your Documents page.
  2. Select the destination you would like to import from
  3. Follow the screen prompts to upload & open the document in the Lumin editor.

Tip: If you import a document from Google Drive or Dropbox, the document stays stored in the location you imported it from and, if synced, any changes you make to it in Lumin are visible in the original storage location.


Opening a document from the Google Drive application


If you have connected your Google Drive account to Lumin:

  1. Right-click the document you wish to open
  2. Hover over Open with > click on Lumin.

    -Your document will now load and open in the Lumin viewer & editor