How do I sign a document in Bananasign that has been sent to me?

Bananasign allows you to easily e-sign documents and contracts. Read on to find out how to sign a document that has been sent to you.

  1. Open the email notification and click View Document.
  2. Select Add signatures.
  3. Click + Add Signatures to create a new signature.
  4. Create your signature. Once done, click Sign.
    1. You can either draw your signature, upload an image, or type your signature.
  5. Click on the document to place your signature.
  6. Click Done.
  7. Confirm your e-Signature by agreeing to Bananasign’s Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.

The document owner will be notified via email that you have signed the document.

NOTE: You can add more signatures to the document by clicking on the More Signatures button.

If done signing, click Finish.