How do I transfer ownership of an organization?

Organization admins can transfer the ownership of their organization to another person. Find out how below.

  1. Log in to Lumin
  2. Click your Plan account on the top-left of the screen.

    Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 1.52.13 PM-1
  3. Select an organization from the Your Organizations list. (Or click Manage Organizations, and click View under the required organization.) 

    -The selected organization opens.

  4. Click the Members option (in the left-hand sidebar).

    Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 1.53.26 PM

  5. Click the three dots to the right of the required member.
  6. Click Make Organization Admin.

    Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 2.41.00 PM
  7. Click Transfer Now in the window that appears.
    An email is sent to the new admin person. 

    Screen Shot 2022-03-07 at 2.42.04 PM

NOTE: The new admin person receives an email saying you want to transfer organization ownership (admin) to them.

When they click Confirm, organization admin switches to them. 

A transfer accepted message displays on your screen.


    NOTE: If your request is not confirmed within an hour of emailing, the request times out and should be resent.  

    NOTE: When you transfer ownership, you lose Admin permissions and access to the Organization dashboard.