What is the difference between a Main and Custom Organization?

When you create a new Organization, you will need to specify whether your Organization comes under the Main or Custom domain category. Read on to find out which option suits your Organization.

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What is a Main Organization? 

In a Main Organization, most of your team members have the same company email domain eg.


Note: only one Main Organization can exist per unique email domain.

If you encounter an error when selecting a Main Organization, there may already be one existing for your company. Please reach out to your Admin to invite you to the existing Organization in this case. 

Due to having a shared company email domain, if you have a Main Organization, your Admin & Billing Moderator will be able to:

-Require team members to sign in with a verified Google account, find out how to set this up here

-Auto-approve new members with the same email domain as your Organization, find out how to set this up here


What is a Custom Organization? 

In a Custom Organization, your team members have different email domains ie. you are probably not a large company with a claimed domain, or you may be using the Organization feature for non-business purposes. eg


Note: a Custom Organization won't have;

Verified Google account sign-in option, or, auto-approval of new members due to differing email domains within your team.