What's the difference between a Circle Admin, a Billing Moderator, and a Member?

Find out the main difference between these roles to assign the correct role to your Circle members.

Roles help control what your Circle members can or cannot do. When assigning a role, Circle Administrators can choose from Circle Admin, Billing Moderator, and a Member.

  Member Billing Moderator Circle Admin
Delete a Circle or Team
Access Circle dashboard & insights
Add or remove Circle members
Manage roles
Manage Circle's billing & subscription
Manage Circle sign-in options
View Circle & Team members
View Circle & Team member roles
Create Teams


Circle Admins control all permissions for all members and documents within a Circle.

Billing moderators share the same control as Circle Admins apart from deleting a Circle or Team. 

Members can collaborate or edit documents, and join or leave Circles and Teams. 


You can only have one Circle Admin. You can upgrade a Member to a Billing Moderator if you want another colleague to have most admin permissions, however.

There is no limit on how many Billing Moderators you can have.