Can under 13-year-olds use Lumin?

Lumin account holders must be at least 13 years of age or older(depending on where you live) - as permitted by applicable law and regulations. 

The use of Lumin's services must comply with our allowed usage policy. We trust all customers of Lumin to use the service responsibly and agree not to misuse the service or help anyone else to misuse the services we provide. You can read more here

Did you know Lumin has a free plan for K-12 teachers and their students?

  • Create your own templates, worksheets and forms
  • Enjoy unlimited document uploads
  • Collaborate in real-time within Google Classroom
  • Mark, highlight, and give feedback on assignments

NOTE: If you intend your students to use Lumin and require a data processing agreement (DPA) signed or completed, please contact our support team.