How can I download the Lumin for BlackBerry app?

Leveraging BlackBerry® Dynamics, Lumin for BlackBerry provides a secure mobile experience for annotating, signing and sharing documents within corporate compliance policies.

For IT Administrators

If you are an IT administrator managing BlackBerry® Dynamics deployments, please see this article to find out how to add Lumin for BlackBerry app to your organization through the BlackBerry® UEM console.

For End Users

If your organization uses BlackBerry® Dynamics, you need to check with your IT administrator about instructions to download Lumin for BlackBerry and activate the app with valid login credentials.

Once the app is activated, you can start importing documents to Lumin for BlackBerry and securely annotate, comment on, or sign documents for your work.

NOTE: If you are an individual or a company that does not use BlackBerry® Dynamics, you can download the main Lumin application from the App Store or Google Play Store.