How do I add members to my team?

Add members to a team when you create the team or later from the team's home page.

NOTE: Only team admins can add members to a team.

Add members when you create the team

Follow the steps here to create a Team within your Organization

Add members from the team's home page

  1. Log in to Lumin PDF.
  2. Click your Plan account on the top-left of the screen.

  3. Select the required organization from the Your Organizations list. (Or click Manage Organizations, and click View under the required organization.)

  4. Click Teams (in the left hand sidebar).


  5. Click View under the team to which you want to add members.
  6. Click Members (on the team's toolbar).
  7. Click the Add member button.

  8. Enter the email address of the person you want to add to the team. 

    If the person is a member of the team's organization, their name and email address automatically appears in a box below the Search member field.

  9. Click the box with the name and email address. The person is added below the Search member box.

  10. Search and add to the list as many people as you require.
  11. When you have added all the people you want, click Save.

TIP: If the invited person is not a member of the team's organization, the person cannot be added to the team.