How do I add shapes to my document in the mobile app?

Add a shape to your document by using the easy-to-use shape tool.

1. Open the document.

2. Click the Annotate dropdown.

3. From the Annotation Modes, select Draw.

4. Choose a shape from the toolbar.

5. Select a stroke color from the options on the bottom.

Tip: Click the dropdown arrow to adjust the shape settings - stroke color, fill color, thickness, opacity, and border style.

6. Drag your fingers/stylus on the page to add the shape.

Note: Tapping on the page, with the Shape tool turned on, will automatically add a shape in its default size. Turn off the Shape tool to be able to select the shape and use the vector points around the shape to adjust its size and placement.

Tip: Tap on the shape to adjust its style, add a comment, or delete.