Key things to know about Lumin's pricing

Lumin’s new pricing plans offer the best new PDF editing tools and unlimited collaboration. Pay for productivity, not people.

What is a doc stack?

This is the number of documents you can share, print, or download per month. If your Circle reaches the limit, we’ll automatically add another block of documents to your stack. Don’t worry, admins can turn auto-renew off in your billing settings if you’d prefer not to exceed your limits.

What are the document limits?

This depends on your current Lumin plan!

Lumin Plan 💲 Documents you can use* per month 📃
Free 3
Starter 10
Pro 30
Business 200

*use: number of documents you can share (outside of your circle), print, or download. 

What counts as a completed document? 

Anytime you share (outside of your circle), print, or download a document, it is considered a completed document. Performing one of these actions will come off your monthly document limit. 

Tip: A document will only be counted as completed once per month.

You can go back and forth with someone as many times as you like on the same document. You can also share the document in question with more than one person without it counting as a completed document off your limit.

Do my documents roll over each month?

Each month your limit refreshes. Unused documents don't roll over to the new month so we recommend using them up while you can.

Where can I check how many documents I've completed?

Navigate to your usage bar by clicking your initials or your profile icon on the top-right corner of your homepage.