What is a Circle?

Lumin Circles are collaborative workspaces that let you upload, store and share documents with your entire company or selected teams/members.

We’ve improved how Circles work for Lumin users! Your future has no limits. The team that gets you there shouldn’t either. Our new plans all allow for unlimited collaboration. Pay for productivity, not people. 

Across all our plans, you can invite as many people as you like into your Circle, where you can annotate, eSign, and edit documents over and over. Circles are great for colleagues who need to work on projects together, but you can invite anyone in.

Any files uploaded into the My Documents section won't count toward your doc stack limit unless downloaded, printed, or shared with someone. 

Teams within your Circle

Teams are subgroups of people within your Circle; think of your Circle as your organization, with Teams representing each department in it. 

Learn how to manage your teams with our helpful articles here:

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