How do I create a team within my organization?

Teams are subgroups of people inside an organization. Create teams from the Teams screen in your organization.

NOTE: Any member of an organization can create a team.

NOTE: Teams can be created in free and premium organizations.

  1. Log in to Lumin PDF.
  2. Click your Plan account on the top-left of the screen.

  3. Select the required premium organization from the Your Organizations list. (Or click Manage Organizations, and click View under the required organization.)

  4. Click Teams (in the left hand sidebar).

  5. Click Create Team.
    The team creation window appears.

  6. Enter a Team name
  7. Add team members as required. (Team members can be chosen from members in your organization.) 
    1. Enter the email address of a person you want to add to the team.

      If the person is a member of the organization to which the team belongs, their name and email address automatically appears in a box below the Add member field.

    2. Click the box with the name and email address. The person is added to a list below the Add member box.

    3. Search and add to the list as many people as you require.
  8. When you have added the people you want, click Create.