Integrating Lumin with HubSpot

Lumin's integration with HubSpot allows users to create, send, and track contracts without leaving the platform. Effortlessly manage contract status and view detailed history within HubSpot for a streamlined workflow.

  1. Connect your HubSpot account using the connect button below (it'll open in a new window so that you can keep these instructions handy).
  2. Install Lumin app
  3. Login to HubSpot with your HubSpot account
  4. If you have multiple accounts, select one account you want to install the Lumin app.
    1. If you only have one HubSpot account, this step will be skipped automatically.
  5. Confirm the integration by clicking Allow access.
  6. You can find the Lumin Sign app in the HubSpot sidebar for any Company, Contact or Deal in your HubSpot account.