Walkthrough: Advanced Features of Lumin PDF

Lumin isn't only a PDF annotating software, it's also equipped with tools that are designed to help you get more stuff done.

This walkthrough demonstrates the following tasks:


Scott, an Assistant Logistics Manager, was in need of a software tool that would allow him to annotate PDFs and work remotely. His responsibilities include managing day-to-day operations, onboarding new clients, and overseeing the import and export of goods throughout Oceania.

Scott receives various document types, including PDFs, docs, xlsx, ppt, and jpeg from clients. On a typical day, he would process hundreds of documents to ensure that each job is compliant. 

While reviewing the bill of lading, Scott observed a discrepancy between the actual goods being loaded into the container versus the ones listed in the system. Only one bulk carton of the item was being loaded, instead of the expected ten. Upon checking, the investigation revealed an error in the export quantity stated in a document (.doc) file. To avoid such issues in the future, Scott recommended a new procedure to convert the order file to a PDF after it has been verified and checked, ensuring the preservation of crucial data.

Here are the steps he took to convert files with Lumin:

  1. Log in to your Lumin account. 
  2. Click Upload from your Documents page.
  3. Select the source you would like to import from.
  4. Follow the screen prompts to upload and open the document in the Lumin editor.
  5. Then, select the Download icon in the header.
  6. The document downloads directly to your device as a PDF document. 

After a month of seeing success with the new process, one client reached out, and raised that they were missing one bulk carton from their order. Scott found that this particular order was shipped just a day before the new process was implemented. The client was very understanding and knew that mistakes can sometimes happen, but they still required the other carton to be shipped. Scott immediately processed the shipment of this carton free of charge. To ensure that this order is recorded, Scott merged the pdf document from this order to the original order. 

Here are the steps he took to merge files in Lumin:

  1. Select the Page Tools option from the toolbar.
  2. Click the Merge Documents dropdown. Upload a file to merge with your open document.
  3. Select Merge.
  • Enter a comma-separated list of pages to insert if you only want to merge some pages of the uploaded document.
  • Select 'All pages' if you want to merge the whole document.
  • Enter a position you would like to insert the uploaded document (the page number of the document it is being merged into). 

As the Assistant Manager, part of his job is to ensure the day-to-day operations run as smooth as possible. This involves overseeing staff  working in different parts of their warehouse. This is also why Lumin was the right fit for him and his team; Lumin was available to be downloaded onto his work tablet and through the app, he can perform any tasks as if he was doing it on his computer. He's also able to collaborate with his Manager in real-time which saves him time going back and forth to their office. 

Here's how he downloaded the app onto his tablet

  1. Open the mobile device's app store - iOS "App Store" or Android "Play Store". 
  2. Search for "Lumin PDF" and click Get for iOS or Install for Android. 
  3. Finally, sign in to your account. 

TIP: Here's an article on how you can log into your Lumin account on your mobile device. 

Slowly, Scott's company started to digitalize what they can such as invoices, importer and exporter records, bill of ladings and more. However, there are still times where they would receive printed documents from clients or partners. To file them away, they scan these documents and store it in their business drive. Sadly, he found that some of these scanned files aren't searchable. Luckily, Lumin has a tool where users can make files not only searchable, but also readable and editable. 

Here's how he automatically made these scanned documents, readable, searchable, and editable

  1. Log in to the Document Tools web page.
  2. Select OCR from the menu bar.


  3. Click Get Started.
  4. Upload a PDF file to use OCR on. The tool automatically processes your document after uploading.
  5. Click Download file or save to your cloud storage by clicking the Google Drive or Dropbox icon.

Lumin's advanced features do not end there, there are still a lot of powerful tools that you can use to enhance your ways of working personally or professionally and get more stuff done. 

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