As a student, how do I fill in my Google Classroom assignment with Lumin?

As a student, you can use Lumin to fill in, and, annotate Google Classroom assignments and documents in pdf format.

1. Firstly, make sure you have Lumin installed as an extension in your Google Drive. Refer to this article here to find out how.

2. Select the 9 dots on the top-right-hand corner of your Google Account.
Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 2.17.49 PM

3. Scroll to and select 'Classroom' (Google Classroom App).
Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 2.19.42 PM

4. Select your Class, and then the 'Classwork' tab.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 3.17.01 PM

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 3.19.05 PM

5. Click on the assignment you want to edit with Lumin.

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 3.21.30 PM

Screen Shot 2021-08-26 at 3.26.02 PM

6. Click on the downward arrow (Open With), select Lumin.

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 1.24.20 PM

7. Confirm connection to Google Drive by clicking Connect to Google Drive

Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 1.29.34 PM

8. Use Lumin PDF annotation tools to fill out your assignment (Hint: Free Text is best, Draw tool is better for informal assignments). 

Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 2.16.46 PM

9. Ensure Auto Sync is turned on so your work syncs/saves back to Google Drive.
Screen Shot 2022-04-13 at 9.33.12 AM

10. Hand your assignment into Google Classroom! Good luck 🍀

TIP: Check out this article here to find out how to hand an assignment into Google Classroom.