Can I edit the original text on my document?

If your document isn't exactly how you want it to be, read on to learn how to edit the raw text in your PDF.

NOTE: This feature is only available to Pro, Business, and Enterprise users. If you are part of a Circle that is on any of these plans, you will be able to use this feature.

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  1. Log in to your profile. 
  2. Upload or Open the document you want to edit. 
  3. Select the Edit PDF tool.
  4. A warning message will pop up; if you're happy to proceed, click Confirm.
    Screenshot 2022-11-25 at 2.16.47 PM
  5. Click the section you want to edit and then click the 'edit text' button (pencil icon).   

  6. The text editor will pop up, and you can proceed with amending your document.

  7. When you're done, hit Save.
  8. Leave edit mode by clicking the Edit PDF tool again.

  9. Hit Save. You can now share, print, or download your document.