How do I merge PDF documents?

Use the Lumin merge tool to combine multiple PDF documents into one with ease.

Start merging your documents by visiting this link

  1. Select the Page Tools option from the toolbar.
  2. Click the Merge Documents dropdown. Upload a file to merge with your open document.
  3. Select Merge.
  • Enter a comma-separated list of pages to insert if you only want to merge some pages of the uploaded document.
  • Select 'All pages' if you want to merge the whole document.
  • Enter a position you would like to insert the uploaded document (the page number of the document it is being merged into). 

Note: Not available with Google Drive imported documents. You must save the document to your device from Google Drive first, and then upload it using this tool to merge.

Tip: If your now-merged document requires further modification, check out the rest of Lumin PDF page tools:

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