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How to set up your classroom in Lumin and host live lessons

As an educator, Lumin can be the ideal place to not only store, but also collaborate on PDF worksheets in real-time with your students during live lessons. Perfect for jam-board style and interactive learning.

1. Create a Lumin Circle for your class.

Circles allow you to facilitate easy document-sharing when you want your students to be able to access and open a document with speed.

See our step-by-step here on How to Create a new Circle

2. Invite your students to your newly-created Circle.

Select which class members you want to invite to your Circle for document collaboration and interactive lessons.

See our step-by-step here on How to invite Members to your Circle

3. Upload your worksheets and lessons into Circle Folders.

Have your live lessons ready to go by uploading and storing lessons in Lumin either from your device, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

See our step-by-step here for Uploading new Documents and Using Folders 

4. Share the document link with your students and start collaborating in real-time.

All documents uploaded to a Circle are viewable by anyone invited to the Circle in step 2. You can also share the document link to get your students into the lesson.

See our step-by-step here for Sharing your Document and our range of Annotations Tools available for document collaboration 


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